WIP -- New Kyrodramon by Kyroraz

WIP -- New Kyrodramon


7 March 2014 at 02:35:00 MST

Just posting something to justify all these stream icons but with no follow up pieces. Working on this one and I just don't have the strength to do a one nighter like I used to. So tired.

This is a revisit to this: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11455301/ Maybe I've improved. Or something.

I need a new icon. Although, maybe I should add more things to him to make him look meaner. Still not sure what to do with his other arm. May add more props to him too. Not sure. But Kaliak said that it's sad that I don't have an icon to my Steam account, so that's what this might end up being. Maybe a thick cigar would give him a tougher look and convince that he is NOT cuddily ... and certainly unhuggable.

Sorry that I couldn't get something fuller. I'm not even sure if this should be a bust pic of a full one... but I'll probably end up doing a full one ... but I'm running out of space and this image in raw form is already 3500x5000.

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