-Vulcan Automata: Awake- Prologue-Chapter I by KylerKitpup (critique requested)

-Vulcan Automata: Awake- Prologue-Chapter I (critique requested)


10 November 2017 at 22:05:16 MST

So heres something different. Thanks to the amazing creative universe of Vulcan Automata, made by the awesome Adalore , I've found a major creative inspiration to bring a deep and detailed narrative of one monkeys life changing journey. VA is awesome and you should check out Adalores artwork for it. Huge thanks to him for also giving me critique and helping me stay true to his vision. This story will be heavily built on character devlopment, dialogue, and interactions. It wont be very actiony, its more of a day to day journey. But of course if you know the universe of Vulcan Automata you can expect some wacky stuff to happen.

-Kyler is a young capuchin adult living in Canada 2105, a time after the world was changed forever from first contact with Vulcan Automata. He currently lives in a really doubting and stressful situation, wanting to work on bringing his visions and ideas to the game industry, but the insanely oversaturated market makes it hard to get things done yourself. He's come to accept hes not cut out for the grueling nature of the modern industry, and any desperate employment leads to misery and regret. Currently living day to day off whatever commisions he can get, the reality of recent world events gets to him. New opportunities arise, but the concept of becoming something else entirely frightens him. His mind and thoughts are at times his his greatest friend, but also clearly his greatest enemy.

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