Playful PU Valerie 2016 CGCQ by Kyanbu

Playful PU Valerie 2016 CGCQ


18 March 2018 at 16:37:21 MDT

"This character is a Demon Succubus. In my D-Resonate game projects which this character is a part of. Demons are able to breed with either other demons, humans, or Ani-Humans. This game series version of Beast People. Valerie is mixed. Part Demon Succubus and part Ani-Human. Since Succubus in both the original lore and in my game series can change their appearance. Valerie chooses to change her wings into more Angelic looking ones and hide her horns. "

Only 1 more pinup left before I stop working on these for a long while. This one is an image I never posted till now. An old unfinished Pinup of Valerie that I went back and rendered.

Hopefully once I've walked away from Pinups, I'll start to gain a bit more respect as I continue to improve and branch out more and leave sexual content behind, maybe entirely. And hopefully I'll be able to actually start the Comic and fully resume the game's development. old artwork will be kept up on my pages though.

Anyway, about this CG. This started out as a Traditional Sketch, scanned in at more the double it's resolution. Then Redrawn digitally and Gimp by hand using the brush. All coloring and rendering as well as texturing was done by hand and touched up by hand using the brush tool and a little bit of the smudge tool for touch up only. With the background being made using a gradient tool and touched up by brush. And the table she's laying on being created using Pen Select. This image was designed to be more like a photo shoot. And I wanted to keep the background simple to avoid wasting time on pinups when I should be focusing on other things.

Total Layers used: 23 out of 30 layers

Valerie Gust (c) Kwame A. Fletcher a.k.a Kyanbu
artwork by Kyanbu
D-Universe, Dash Saga, D-Resonate © Kyanbu