Playing for a Pot of Gold St Patricks Day Late CG by Kyanbu

Playing for a Pot of Gold St Patricks Day Late CG


4 April 2017 at 09:13:27 MDT

Never challenge a magician to a game of cards. It usually doesn't end in your favor.

Jokes aside, for the sake of being able to find it when needed. I'm just going to call it for what it is. God damn it's pathetic how late I was towards finishing this but things came up last month on my end and I was unable to finish it and barely anything for that matter despite starting on this early.

Regardless I wanted to finish this partly because I haven't made and finished a St Patricks day CG since 2013.

Not much else to talk about creation process wise. It's a digital sketch drawn using my wacom tablet in GIMP. All coloring, rendering and texturing was done with the Brush tool and touched up with the smudge tool and blur filters.

Total Layers use: 43 out of 52 layers used. Much higher then normal due to so much over lapping and me being to hell bent on getting it out on time to take risks with over painting. Also layer made for the sake of using blur filters on a few things with the foreground. and a number of errors were left unfixed for the sake of getting done in time. (only to miss my set dead line by weeks!) And not wanting to post this in time for Easter of all things... Though the two holidays are somewhat related subject wise (both have religious origins not that this has anything to do with that).

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