Succubi Sisters Valerie 2015 CGHQ by Kyanbu (critique requested)

Succubi Sisters Valerie 2015 CGHQ (critique requested)


10 January 2016 at 01:02:46 MST

One of two designs for Valerie Gust for the game project.

This is intended to be a remake of:

Siren, her sister can be seen here:

Valerie's bio
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Job Class: Holy Knight/Ascended Demon
Species/Race: Ani-human Feline, Half Demon Succubus
A powerful Holy Knight who works for the "Saints Clan". An order of Holy Knights whose sworn duty is the protection of the human race by any means deemed necessary. While the Clan is normally against having demon members. Valerie was among the few exceptions being raised since birth within the Clan as a part of their "Ascended Demon Project". Primarily because her Ani-Human mother is a member of the Clan. Valerie has a strong desire to protect those around her. Often valuing the lives of others above her own. While she can be a bit sensually expressive at times. She tries her best to remain tranquil at all times. Sometimes leading to those around her misjudging her tendency to ignore rare and sometimes harsh insults from some of her fellow Knights. Thanks to the "Holy Seal" on her back, a result of the "Ascended Demon Project".

Valerie is able to use Holy and Light based Spells and Attacks. She's also completely immune to Holy and is even strengthen by Holy charms and seals through the use of her Succubus Ability to absorb energy. However this comes at the price of being unable to cast or use Dark Spells and Attacks properly. Often with very weak results. And though she can still change form, this too is also limited by her "Holy Seal". Due to this ability being tied to her Succubus half. She possess incredible physical strength thanks to her demon half. And wields Pole arm Weapons such as her personal Pole Sword "Edge of Heaven". Despite all of, and her continued training. Valerie hates fighting, and lives by a very strict no killing code of honor. Only doing so as a last resort, often with great disdain and restraint unless pushed too far. Like many member of the Clan, she has her own Caster Armor. Though she does not like to use it. Partially due to it's name "Nephilim". And her technical pacifist nature.

Her Caster Armor:

Personality Tropes:
At her best she she's kind, caring, and protective of others, usually very forgiving. At her worst she's prideful when it comes to her disdain of fighting, can be a bit too flirty and affectionate at times, has a bit of a messiah complex, often refuses to accept help form others unless forced to or talked into it. Usually she's tranquil and despite her flirty nature at times, is actually quite distant towards anyone that isn't a close friend of hers or her fiance.

Valerie Gust (c) Kwame A. Fletcher a.k.a Kyanbu
artwork by Kyanbu
D-Universe, D-Resonate © Kyanbu