2015 Commissions Price Page by Kyanbu

2015 Commissions Price Page


10 November 2015 at 21:19:28 MST

Commissions are Open. Well technically they've been open for awhile now I'm just now advertising this more.

My prices are a bit higher this time around since I need some cash to help with the game's development and cause I'm still unemployed (hopefully not for long).

Here is a small FAQ answering some question you may have. And below that are my Guidelines for what I will and won't draw and how this process will be handled. IF your interested in commissioning me for something. Give me a PM and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Q: Will you only be drawing furries or will other types of characters be available?

A: Yes, I am more then able to draw non furry characters. And characters of any gender.

Q: Can you draw regular animals?

A: Yes

Q: Do you accept fanart commissions?

A: Yes provided there isn't any legal trouble.

Q: Are you accepting any H-Commissions at the moment?

A: Outside of one pending commission from a few months back, no.

Q: Why Paypal?

A: it's currently the only payment method I can use at the moment. I do however plan on expanding that in the future.

Q: Do you do Religious artwork?

A: No sorry but I do not wish to do these for personal reasons. Same goes for Atheist stuff.

Q: What about Political drawings?

A: No.

1. I'm willing to draw pretty much anything. So long as it's Safe For Work. Nothing worse then PG-13/T for Teen.

  1. Please be sure to provide a reference of whatever it is you want me to draw for you. If it's a character/creature you imagined, Please describe it to the best of your abilities. This will make it much easier to draw whatever it is you want within the SFW limits. And will lead to less Trial and Error.

  2. Be respectful, There is no need to get an attitude with me. If something is not right with your commission, simply let me know in a calm professional manor and I will correct it ASAP.

  3. Throughout the drawing process. I will be sending you updates on your commission every step of the way from start to finish. To assure that mistakes are corrected as they happen ASAP. And to assure that everything is turning out the way you wanted it to without me having to redraw an entire sketch from scratch too often. These Updates can be handled either through the PM system on this site, or through E-mails. which ever feels more comfortable to you.

  4. I can only work on two commissions at a time. Meaning I'll only except payment on 2 at a time. This is mainly because I'm still working on the game project. And to assure that those who paid, get their commission within at most a month. Once one is cleared I'll accept the next one in line.

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