Second Raffle! HipHop by Kvoth

Second Raffle! HipHop


23 June 2017 at 21:42:20 MDT

Last week YCH winner is ! As promised, there is more of these. :) Like the previous week, the winner will be randomly chosen next Friday (Exactly, Saturday 2 a.m UTC+0 on July 1th)

If there is a trustful random generator you know or one you want me to use, it would be great. It makes the whole process more transparent to everyone :)

Rules are simple:
1) Any comment after next Friday (June 30th 9:00 p.m UTC-5) will be disqualified.
2) Comment and subscribe to get a place. It's not necessary you link your reference right now, but it's necessary your character is animal/anthropomorphic/furry. Humans, humans with ears and stuff will not participate. Reptiles and avians are ok :)
3) Old and new subscribers are welcome :)

You'll be assigned a number and will know the winner inside next your character. The winner will receive a private message and will have a maximum of two days to provide his character in case he didn't previously.

This will be hosted on different sites, so don't get surprised if the assigned numbers are not exactly consecutive. Once the winner is chosen I will say who won and from which site.

This sketch will be adapted to the provided character(face, ears, tail and minor features), but no major changes will be made. So please take that into account :)

The character will be fully colored with simple color background. Unless I really like how it is going and decide to add more complex stuff.

Again, good luck to everyone who want to participate!!! :D

(By the way, share this with your friends if you feel generous :) that way you can help me a lot ^^ Thank!)

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