Free YCH Raffle by Kvoth

Free YCH Raffle


18 June 2017 at 12:07:28 MDT

Well, hello hello! As a new artist, I want to get my art noticed by more furs. So I'll be doing some Free YCH Raffles :)
Next Free YCH will be next Friday (When I get the random winner). So, if you don't win this time, don't worry! There will be more!

Rules are simple:
1) Any comment after Saturday 24 2:00 a.m UTC+0 will be disqualified. (But you can get into the next one)
2) Comment and subscribe to get a place. It's not necessary you link your reference right now, but it's necessary your character is animal/anthropomorphic/furry. Humans, humans with ears and stuff will not participate. Reptiles and avians are ok :)
3) Old and new subscribers are invited :)

You'll be assigned a number and will know the winner inside next your character. The winner will receive a private message and will have a maximum of two days to provide his character in case he didn't previously.

----------------------------------That was the important stuff---------------------------------

By the way, this is the first random YCH I do. If you know a trustful random generator, in which the artist cannot change the result without the contestants noticing It would be great ^^ It would make things more transparent to everyone :)

Another important thing is this will be hosted on different sites, so don't get surprised if the assigned numbers are not exactly consecutive. Once the winner is chosen I will say who won and from which site.

The second important thing, the character will be fully colored with simple background. But I may add shadows and a more complex background in case I really like how it's going. So.. it could be a fully shaded with background image if you get lucky!

Good luck to everyone :D

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