The Summer Side Wolves Adopt [OPEN] by Kumotogi (critique requested)

The Summer Side Wolves Adopt [OPEN] (critique requested)


6 May 2019 at 02:07:25 MDT

A very unassuming family, considering the sharp claws and teeth, but he's very careful with his new, totally not adopted, smol child

Transactions may only be paid via PayPal by invoice.

PayPal only

Adopt cost 65$ flat! And, as an added bonus, I'll throw in a colored, character sketch portrait of the two once bought!

Note me before you send please, your email to send the invoice to.

Although you are not obliged to mention copyright to me on every adoptable image, credit the me the design when you draw it for the first time.

You can resell the adopt, at the same price or lower, but you may not make them into adoptables, please respect their individuality and my work.

Full unwatermarked version upon payment, in PNG file and unshaded file as well

You may change the gender/name, you may alter the ears, eyes and/or tail; for any other alters/questions please note me

These designs are just from fantasy [like RPGs, games, ect], not a particular species that I claim, just the lineart.

Name[s] will go here:

Art/Design is [c] by Kumotogi

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