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Commission Sheet [OPEN] by DeleteAccount (critique requested)

Commission Sheet [OPEN] (critique requested)


PayPal only! Transactions may only be paid via PayPal by invoice.


A 'pay what you want' in between those prices. Prices can vary if the character is complex, payment must be made after initial base sketch has been confirmed by customer.

Redraws/edits only allot to three per commission, after that it is a 5$ charge for each redraw, please be clear 'n plain for each commission, updated references are recommended.

Prices can vary on what type of commission you want in-between choices.

You will receive a high quality PNG file of the finished commission.
Please comment below to claim your slot, after I reply to confirm, to have any references ready if they're needed in note.
I ask that you do not send a note to me beforehand.
I do ask that you have patience as it may take 3-4 days to one week, depending on my work schedule, to finish your order. Thank you.