Wasteland by Kullenuska



29 May 2016 at 09:53:43 MDT

I can imagine the wasteland would be dark. And I mean REALLY dark. No light pollution, no towns, a vast empty expanse long beyond the point where campfires and torchlights would flicker. The most you’d get on moonless nights is the silhouette of broken cliffs and hills rising against the greyed backdrop of stars.
And in this black emptiness of night, you hear something moving nearby.
Against your better knowledge, you turn on your Pip-boy light, a light that lets you see but flashes your presence up like a flare.
But that’s now the least of your worries.

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    I would suppose the stars would give something, but perhaps the polluted/dusty/whatever sky would mostly dull that.
    FO3's night was mostly just blue.

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      The nights were almost the day in brightness but bluer, but I think that was mostly for the sake of making the game actually playable without needing your light on

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        I definitely understand that there's difficulty in balancing atmosphere and playability when it comes to nighttime in video games. This sort of atmosphere might be interesting, but it might take some balancing.

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    Bwahhh, this is an exquisite concept! I'd be trembling in my boots all the time if I were to play Fallout like this . > w <

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    It's like Silent Hill. Even if it's pitch dark you might be safer off not flicking on your torch. <;