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Where to Find Me by KrystalGhost

Where to Find Me


17 July 2015 at 12:49:54 MDT

Sorry for my silence as of late guys, the chaos of life just settled on my house like a thick fog and it’s just now starting to clear enough to where I can see my hand in front of my face XD

I won’t bore you with the details so let’s go ahead and get to the reasons behind this post and what’s be going on in the background as of late.

Settle in kiddies this is a long one.

  1. I’m moving some Galleries around
    a. Because the namesake of a couple of my galleries was meant to be a mascot for one. When people started knowing that name it was a give-in I use it when I started another gallery on a different site so my fans would know it was me.
    b. That Character was created for more…lewd… endeavors that I never pursued (and probably never will) so when people started calling me that name it kind of made me uncomfortable.
    c. The old galleries will remain up but no new art or posts will be made to them, everything that I do from now on will be posted to my new galleries.

  2. I’m going to make art my job
    a. I’ve got to start making money somehow.
    b. It’s going to be a little slow at first because it’s new to me and I have to find my work groove.
    c. Meaning that I’ll only taking a handful of commissions at a time till I find a number I can move through quickly while still giving the best quality.
    d. Other Avenues of media may come into the mix. Such as Animation and/or Voice Acting but not until things settle properly.))

Explanation of each site

Main Tumblr: My happy place to joke around, post stuff that amuses me, toss doodles at my friends, and basically just goof around and spread love. ( )

Tatum’s Story: A story/sometimes-chose-a-path/Ask blog in the Mario/ Nintendo community that follows the story of a Shadow Siren named Tatum. ( )

Belmont ponies: Ask blog for the ponies of Belmont, a town in Unicorn range Equestira, Also where most of my pony themed art goes. ( )

FurAffinty: Pretty self-explanatory, Art goes here. ( )

DeviantArt: Pretty much the same as FA but more leaning towards a pokemon theme. ( )

InkBunny: Same as FA ( )

Weasyl: This is where most of my commissions will be posted and taken; no original pieces will be posted here. ( )

Twitter: I don’t use it much as I’m a bit of a homebody but I’m trying to use it more ^///^; ( )

Rooster Teeth: I’m not a big gamer but I love their work so of course I’m gunna hang around on their site. XD ( )

RedBubble: A Store to buy things from. I will post exclusive works here to sell as well as some of my more popular works. ( )

V10 Studios: My personal site where I will also take commissions. ( )

Patreon: I still haven’t fully set it up yet as I’m waiting on my bank to send me a new card so I can set up how I get paid. ( )

Submission Information

Visual / Digital