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Why is Krys Such a Ghost?

on 18 October 2015 at 15:41:12 MDT

Ok I may be shooting myself in the foot with some of this but I feel it must be said. This is mostly to my new followers. If you ever wonder why I’m not more active at my usual haunts or if I go silent for a while or why I don’t post art so much is a myriad of reasons to be honest.
The main one’s being that I’m a mom, so whatever comes up with my Son is dealt with first. Be it him needing me to get something, going to doctors appointments and other little things that pop up when you’re a parent to a 5-6 year old child with SPD and Bad Anxiety.
I also help care for my disabled grandmother, she’s bed ridden because a surgery went wrong and she lost the use of her legs. I’m the only one in the house who’s is strong enough to lift her as my mother has a bad back. So, I’m the one who is usually loading and unloading her into the van and running her to her appointments when my dad isn’t home.
I don’t really have a “job” (even though I’ve been trying to make art and prop making my career) but I’m constantly getting called to help my family with things because I’m usually the only one “available”. So my default title is Gopher/Handyman.
I don’t mind cause it’s my family and I love them but it does get in the way of things I wish to do for myself. I’m usually worn out from grunt work and because I myself have bad anxiety, my nerves are shot as well. So if I’ve had a particularly long day I’m usually a frazzled mess until I get a break to zone out and calm down.
Another reason I’m so quiet is that I’m mostly a listener, I don’t really feel I have a need to speak unless it’s important or I feel it should be said. (I’m kinda the opposite if you get me excited about something though lol) I prefer to ghost and lurk a good bit of the time online because it’s quieter and I like to see and hear how my friends are doing. If they’re happy it makes me happy.
I do get lonely though and try to speak but I’m not the best with words so I tend to give short answers and I feel that the other person may think I’m being short with them or they’re bothering me. That’s not the case at all, please if you wish to talk to me don’t be afraid to do so! I’m an awkward momma ghost vixen but I love listening to people’s stories and what knowledge they wish to share! I may be silent for a bit but it’s usually because I’ve been called and had to jump up in a hurry, not because I don’t want to talk to you.
I hope this clears up some stuff, if you have questions please ask, I want to make things as clear as possible ^w^

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2X2 Icon
$ 13.00


Bust Portrait
$ 15.00
add  (Full shading and detail)
$ 5.00


Flat Color
$ 10.00


Full Body
$ 45.00
add  Extra Character(s)
$ 10.00


$ 65.00


$ 60.00


Simple Sketch
$ 7.00


Photo Shoot
$ 75.00
add  Playboy Shoot
$ 20.00

Thigh High

Thigh High
$ 30.00
add  Background
$ 5.00

Simple Sketch- Up to 3 characters. No Backgrounds.

Flat Color- Simple Sketch with flat coloring. No Backgrounds.

Avatar- 2x2 inch image that can be re-sized to fit any Icon requirements

Bust Portrait -Chest/Waist up image with minimal details and shading. (Full shading and detail is $5 extra)

Thigh High-Thigh up image with full detail and shading. (Background is $5 extra)

Full Body-Image with full detail, shading and background. (Extra Characters are $10 Extra Per Character)

Pin-up - Tasteful image of Character in an alluring pose (No naughty bits) Can include enticing lingerie or revealing clothing.

Nude- Tasteful image of Character sans clothing or covering.

Photo Shoot- Two images of your Character in a photo shoot with one of the Agency V model girls of your choosing. One Full image and one 3/4 image. You pick the theme and I go to town. (Nude photo shoots are $20 extra)
(Model listing found here for now-> )


Scat or Watersports

Vore, un-birthing or anything along those lines.

Underage characters for Pin-up and/or Nude commissions (I don't care if you say they are 18 years old, if they look like they're still in middle school, It's still a big N-O.)

Hyper sized body parts


Porn (For now I'm just not comfortable creating such scenes.)


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