Oh Bacon Tree by Krown

Oh Bacon Tree


17 October 2014 at 19:45:14 MDT

As some may know, bacon trees are rare and hardly seen by others, for they are a bellow ground species of tree we owlgons cultivate and tend to...or so I thought until today.

I was on a morning glide when I happened upon this delightful little sight, a bacon tree with strips billowing in the wind. I was at once most curious as to how this tree could grow above ground and in direct sunlight...that's not natural at all!

Anyway, I perched upon a branch, and was assaulted by the richest smelling bacon I'd ever come across. The stuff was almost buttery. "Oh! And what's this?" I exclaimed as I realized they were all crispy and ripe! Not a one of my trees ever was in full bloom. Not even Bloomberg, and that tree had a lotta ripe bacon.

I settled down on a branch and began to munch, finding myself purring in pleasure at the sweet and salty tastes I tasted. I started taking pawful after pawful and shoving them in my maw, gobbling down the crispy strips in a act of gluttonous greed.

So much so, that I began to gain a fair amount of girth. I dined for about an hour before I felt full...and of course by that time my belly was rounded out and ready to pop, or so it seemed.

I sighed and patted my gut, feeling how full it truly was, and drummed upon it with a wide smile on my face. I gave a mighty belch that shook the nearby branches, which made me giggle and contemplate how exactly this tree grew, and how did it make such good-


"Huh?" I said, startled at the sound. I looked around for the source, but found nothing in sight.


My eyes went wide that time, as my mind realized quite quickly what that sound was...

Drawn by catarsi Who is FREAKING AWESOME!!!1!!
Original: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13339042/

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