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SSSP - The Mysterious Spelljammer by KronoGarrett

SSSP - The Mysterious Spelljammer


Music: Player 1 - "Space Invaders 12" Mix"

Our lander detached from the orbiting Jet VTOL and descended towards the surface of the planetoid. As we approached, the debris trail sparkled faintly in the Earthshine. But then...a beam lanced out from the crash site and struck our vessel, breaching its hull and causing a hard landing. We were forced to approach the crash on foot to deal with the source of the beam before the subsequent lander would be within range. What jumped out of the crashed vessel was...fuzzy...eight limbs...aieee.....

Little did they know that it would split apart to unleash a small army of mooks upon its death.

The Enemy:
Master Jiuro (Neogi Great Old Master, operated by Jiuro) - Remaai

The Fearless Six:
Jian (canid) - Jian-Dogs
Altallo (eastern dragon) - Altallo
James (orca) - OceanlinerOrca (You visited The Future™ just to get glued to the floor. Sorry about that.)
Brenda (dragon) - Lapriel
FieryBirdyThing (firebird) - FieryBirdyThing
Earthquake (dragon) - RhynoBullraq (Wait, he's missing his right eye, isn't he. Uh oh...)

Yes, I forgot the PLSS that can be fitted to Science Patrol uniforms and should have used the proper spacesuit variant. Oh well. (I'm sorry about the arachnophobes, too. Had the fish-monster drawing proven successful, this probably wouldn't have happened.)

Outro: Buckner & Garcia - "Goin' Berzerk" (Well, considering that they got swarmed...)

All characters and species © of their respective owners
Neogi, Spelljammer © of Wizards of the Coast
Scientific Special Search Party/Science Patrol/Ultraman © Tsuburaya Productions

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