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By the wall (commision made by Robot Lyra) by KrissieFox

By the wall (commision made by Robot Lyra)


20 November 2014 at 22:40:06 MST

Once when camping, back when I lived in Rhode Island, my friend Nyssa introduced to her friend Lyra, whom I ended commissioning for this picture. She did the line work and let me color it. I picked some pretty weird colors, haha. Well, I'd wear most of those colors, but not much green. I did have a green hoodie I was obsessed with back then, that could be the inspiration...and I've still got that thing, it's so beat up now. Probably STINKY TOO! :D

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    cutie pie ;p
    she's good at drawing fox muzzles, I find that hard...
    how are you Krissie? it's ages since we talked last! D: feels like, anyway.

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      Cute?! D: Absolutely not! crosses arms XD

      Thank you dear. she is, I love she did the face in this one. I'm still trying to learn to make everything not look like a cat or something. And i beleive it;'s been over a year since I've seen you, yeah...squeese hugs lotsa stuff, started hormone therapy, still hooked on Minecraft, new family member and new apartment,..some not so good stuff like the fact transgender rights just got dialed back in our town due to a repeal, too..

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        sorry to hear about that last part :/ but you're started on the hormone therapy? that's great! (nervous /excited? :3 )
        holy crap is it over a year? I have fallen out of touch with so many friends...
        yeahh sometimes I feel like every nose I try to draw looks like a cat XD;;; it's my constant problem drawing Sally Acorn. :B

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          You still do it a lot better than me x3

          I was terrified at first, actually. Mainly my paranoia about side effects or "Oh God it's gonna kill me!". I switched from a cream to a patch, and the patch made me a nervous wreck at first too, but I'm more relaxed now. I do need to find a closer dr though. Mines an hour away and only available at very inconvenient times.

          sorry I took so long to reply...when that whole repeal thing went down, I got very withdrawn for a while.