The Ol' Halloween Blues by KrissieFox

The Ol' Halloween Blues


27 November 2016 at 00:20:27 MST

I sketched this one a couple years ago, feeling down that nobody attended my Halloween event on my old Minecraft server. It's a little more sad to look at now, the server being gone. My old world has a lot of memories in it and reminders of all kinds of people I used to play with that are no longer around in my little online gaming circle, due to various reasons, some my fault, some the fault of others. A complicated mess of past frustrations, broken trust, paranoia, dishonesty, etc

Boy, this got depressing, didn't it? I'm sorry. I get very sentimental about the game. I think Minecraft worlds are special and beautiful that way - every thing you've built, has memories attached to it. What you were doing that day in real life. The adventures you went on to gather your building supplies. Whatever mischief your fellow players may have been up to while you were working on it *chuckles*Pulling up an old Minecraft world can be akin to walking by an home you used to live at.

I used to be obsessed with stuffing this world full of every schematic I could find chuckles It was rather messy, but I had a lot of fun doing it. My "Halloween town" got pretty big. I'm pretty obsessive when it comes ( just recommended "cums" when I misspelled that) to both Halloween and Miencraft so it's a perfect match for me. Part of me felt bad that I was spending more time compiling other people's creations than I was making my own though. It's something i'm still conflicted by now - if I ever make a new server of my own, probably using Realms, do I want it to be purely player made structures or go "schematic crazy" again? I guess time will tell!

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