Darena the Cyber-Goyle (GURPS character) by Krafty

Darena the Cyber-Goyle (GURPS character)


19 March 2018 at 14:29:09 MDT

Mike kindly used his Xmas Patreon gift to give a character pin-up to Darena, who's playing a gargoyle-shaped cyborg in our GURPS game, "Voidstorm." Also, named Darena, she's smart and shy, preferring to linger about the good ship Fortuna Favet Foribus tightening bolts and testing every system. Her upgrades allow her to even hot-swap out skill-sets should she need to switch between complex tasks during an expedition.

As for Dar's body, enough of it has been replaced with grey synth-skin and a slew of cybernetic implants that she looks more like a wingless gargoyle than anything else. Her feet are digitigrade, and her hands are quite dexterous in spite of looking more like paws. The tech level of our game makes it so she can take this form, but there are clearly visible seams between the sections of synth-flesh that give her her unique shape.


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    interesting and very well done! :D

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      Thanks, Shypony. =)