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· You can call me ''Sara'' ''Mofu'' ''Muffy'' or ''Gigi''

· Please don't be dramatic with me. And please don't post hate comments on my drawings or on my shoutbox. If you have something to tell me, please! Send me a note and I'll answer all your questions. But, clearly if you are an asshole I'll block you, sorry.

· All absolute characters of myself are for PRIVATE use. This means, you can not do any thing of them. If you want to make me a gift perfect, but please first ask to me. You just can send the files to me by E-mail.

· I can talk in English and Spanish. But please, don't ask me to skype calls because my english is too bad speakin'.

· All the drawings on this gallery are made by me. If not, don't worry, in the description I'll tell who is the original artist and I beg to fav the original submission and not mine's.

· I can do collaborations with other persons, and if I do that, I'll notice it on the description. I always respect all artists and the owners of the characters can be drawn. Sometimes I am too much picky with that.

· I never do streamings. If a commissioner ask me for a speedpainting, I'll upload it on my Youtube page (will be linked on the description of the drawing).

· When I can't draw something, I use A LOT of references. I mean stock images for free use, or pages like posemaniacs. I don't trace or redistribute, I am totally against that. You just have to know that nobody can copyright a pose. Like, if a character is sitting with his legs crossed, that pose don't have copyright.



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2016 - Terms Of Service

[ - F I R S T · T H I N G S · Y O U · N E E D · T O · K N O W - ]

· Send me a note if you want to commission me. With the subject ''commission''. If not, I'll ignore your note.
· Payment must be 100% upfront, always.
· I don't do private commissions by now.
· If I can't draw something like a hand pose, I'll use photos of my own hand to make it correctly. When It's a problem anatomy, I use pages like posemaniacs to have references of the body anatomy positions. I never trace images or photos even if they are free-to-use.
· As a commissioner, you are allowed to post the artwork you have from me on your gallery (Only on FurAffinity, InkBunny, DeviantART, or F-list). You should be banned posting something on e621, rule34, facebook, tumblr or others like. I just allow to post my art on sites I have account.
· You have the obligation of credit me always.
· Be respectful please.

· Don't rush me. If I don't finish a commission within two months you have all the rights to refund the money completely.
· I retain 100% of the copyrights to my art.
· I won't draw another style. I mean, if you want a commission with pokemon style, cartoon or others, go to another artist.
· I don't, under any circumstances, give out unwatermarked versions of my art.
· You are NOT allowed to use my art commercially. I mean, you can not make money with my art.
· I can work with text descriptions just if you are absolutely clear. My english is not the best.

[ - A B O U T · P A Y M E N T S - ]

· All payments must be through PayPal. Do not include any additional notes, as paypal does not endorse the sale of artwork/commissions and it can end with your/my paypal being banned.

· DO NOT SEND THE PAYMENT AS A GIFT. NEVER. I can convert currencies but tell me first.

· Please, when you send the money, put ''no adress needed''

[ - A B O U T · S P E C I E S - ]

· Actually I can do absolutely any type of character.
·Closed species are accepted too.
· Strange or deformed species are welcome.
· Humans, elf, anthro, furry, taur, feral, slime, monster, and all others are ok.

[ - A B O U T · F E T I S H E S - ]

· I'll draw what you want. NSFW, SFW, soft and hard fetishes are OK for me, I love to experiment and know about new things!
But if you have questions, here you have a F-list ->

You don't find what you want? Note me directly with your question and I will reply ASAP!

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