[Commish] Bacon Grease by Kompy

[Commish] Bacon Grease


3 June 2017 at 14:50:02 MDT

Sketch commissh for:iconsirkain:

[i]Funny thing, bacon grease. We all have our own personal grease drained away from us from time to time when our minds are unable to do more than just sit there and overcook itself with frustrations and overthinking our own worth in life. Like real grease, too much of it can be unhealthy, even dangerous

Grease has its worth, of course; in cooking, you use it as part of brand new recipes, brand new culinary creations. Drain it from the meat and it helps it taste as delicious it should be. The grease never fully leaves, but the meat still has its worth, it is still edible, it is still something worth enjoying to the last bite.

Dealing with your grease is not easy, especially if you feel alone. But even those of us drowning in it can still come out right.

Never give up. You can overcome this. You are still someone worth having around. Pour that grease in a jar and set it aside for another time. Time to get up. [/i]

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