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Pack Street Stories - Apartment Floor Plan by Kolik

Pack Street Stories - Apartment Floor Plan


A "blueprint" of what I imagined the apartment from TGWeaver's Pack Street Stories looking like. This drawing isn't precisely to scale, but I tried to make everything accurate and easily readable. There may be some errors compared to the visual language of a real blueprint, but the last time I drew one of those was in middle school for a woodworking project. Have mercy, alright?

I had a lot of fun drawing this. It took four or five days of drawing spread out over several weeks, and some perspective studies to get a layout I was happy with, but I want to do more.

The premise of the stories is that a ram named Remmy Corvo moves into a slum district of Zootopia without realizing the apartment building where he now lives is full of carnivores and predator species, who all give him a rough time for being a sheep. The stories are generally more vulgar than necessary, quite melodramatic, and abuse line breaks and italics - but I found them gripping enough to devour in a couple weeks.

Weaver also made comics and other illustrations to accompany the stories, which is what gave me the idea to draw this. I have basically zero natural talent for drawing, but I saw someone else's interpretation of what the main apartment lobby looked like and I realized that my mental image was completely different but kinda similar.

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