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so basically I'm an Wife/Nanny by day and an artist by night!! lol naw I draw all the time. My preferred method of medium is colored pencils. I use Prismacolor so they blend very well. I have several fandom's I enjoy, Homestuck, My Little Pony,Invader Zim, Harry Potter and Elfquest to name a few.

I love to create and Draw Monsters and Aliens, and drawing them in Pinup.
and I make way too many oc's XD.

I do do digital art, but this account is only for traditional.

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Create an oc

// I took this off my Deviant account. its pretty fun, or at least i think so. //

So I was walking home from Dropping off the little girl i watch and thought of this.
It was inspired a bit by an Oc challenge on art amino I did a while back,
I'm not sure if any one has done this on here so please don't kill me or think I stole your Idea Cause I swear I didn't ^^;
Anyways anyone is welcome to use this, Just please send me a link cause I would love to see your characters

Create a Character Based on your :

Eye Wear:

Is your character a Boy, Girl or Androgynous?

1)Glasses: Boy x
2)Contacts: Girl
3)none: Androgynous (can be boy or girl or neither)

Hair color:

How tall is your character?

1)Brown: short x
2)Black: medium height
3)Blonde: tall
4)Red: really tall
5)other: tiny

Eye color:

What is your characters Personality?

1)Blue: Athletic, Happy, Outgoing
2)Green: Impatient, Famous, Paranoid
4)Brown: Messy, Friendly, Laid back
5)Black: Exhausted, Ill-Mannered, Grumpy
6)Hazel: Flirty, Bubbly, Selfish x
7)Other: Malicious, Angry, Lonely

Shirt/Dress/Sweater/ Jacket/ Hoodie Color:

What is your Characters Hair style?

1)White:Short clean cut
2)Black: Middle of back
3)Gray: long bangs
4)Red: curly
5)Blue: messy short x
6)Yellow: Extreme punk
7)Orange: Mullet
8)Green: shoulder length
9)Violet/Purple: Extremely Long
10)Pink: wavy
11)Multicolored: bald
12)Other: Dreadlocks

socks/stockings/tights color

What is your characters clothing style?

1)White: uniform
2)black: Gothic
3)Gray: cowboy
4)Red: punk
5)Yellow: preppy
6)Blue: hipster x
7)Orange: hip hop
8)Green: hippy
9)Violet/Purple: athletic
10)Pink: Lolita
11)Multicolored: Crazy
12)Other: Greaser

What Month were you born:

What are your characters Interesting Physical traits?

1)January: Tail
2)February: Horns
3)March: Red eyes
4)April: Extreme Freckles x
5)May: Multiple eyes (more then two)
6)June: Long pointy ears
7)July: no nose
8)August: tattoo of a fish
9)September: Bunny ears
10)October: scars
11)November: baby blue skin
12)December: arms that are too big for their body


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    your art rocks and you rock

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      Aww thanks, I'm glad you like my work ^^

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          aww no problem ^^, sorry for the late reply

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    Thank you for following me! (^_^)