The Stars In Her Eyes by Kodalynx

The Stars In Her Eyes


31 July 2019 at 10:31:09 MDT

A painting meaningful beyond words, an amazing scene brought to life for me by  oddthesungod

Koda is a warrior of of the more wild, Viking-like lynxes, His friend Kendra is an Abyssinian linguist and librarian of the civilized, city-dwelling domestic cats. They're of different worlds, vastly different backgrounds, discouraged by their society from being together...and are best friends.

It's said that the Northern Lights, the Aurorae, speak to the lynxes. Whispers of the past, of the future, of timeless secrets older than the world itself. Koda might be found outside on an icy night, ruffs blown by the cold wind, simply looking up in silence, watching, listening to see what secrets they might find him worthy of.

Kendra has never seen the lights before, and she would likely be in wonder of the rippling curtains of light across the starry sky. Perhaps she might even hear their secrets as well.

He would want to show this to her, take her to visit his homeland to share it with her. And that is what this is.

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