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Hi all! I'm Kayla, nice to meet you all. I hope you all enjoy my art, as it sometimes takes me forever to draw it! (I'm such a slacker). I'll be doing biweekly streams as soon as I can start (probably next weekish), offering commissions, first come, first serve. Most commissions are Pay What You Want in stream, and I hope that you all don't mind my goofy friends (who invade my stream and make it weird XD).

If you ever want to chat with me, you can note me ANYTIME and I'll get back to you ASAP, or you can add me as a friend and message me on skype. I do my best to be online and answer all the time! If you want to commission me, just slap me a few times on skype or in a note. XD I can tend to be slow if I can't get inspiration, but I don't ever give you rushed/crappy art. I make sure to put my best effort into everything I do.



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New adoptables!

So I made a base and am now going to offer up some cute anthro adopts. These will be fully designed, unlike my pony adopt eggs. I'll release them in batches, with similar themes. This first batch is themed Candy. I Am still learning how best to handle these, so I want everyone's opinions. Leave me a note with feedback! I'm posting these on both FA and here (because I realize there's not a lot of people here). I'll be doing streams occasionally, to offer adoptable commissions and also to give you all sneak peeks.

The first three are a jumping off point. I really would love if you guys let me know where I can improve, and what would be appropriate prices. I want honest opinions here! Anyways, I'll be starting my adopts at around 5-8 bucks. I hope that's not too high. All payments will be paypal. Once you've commented you want it (first to post gets it), I'll send you a note with my paypal information.

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