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[GIF] Falling Leaves YCH by Kludge

[GIF] Falling Leaves YCH


My second ever YCH, after I've mostly found my footing on YCHs from my first one. Any species, $100 USD (and less if you opt to pay with Stripe). Really trying to encourage its usage because it seems pretty promising. Unlimited slots, feel free to ask any questions.

Seeing as online and offline life are all kind of going to shit for everyone, I'm honestly not really expecting much of an outcome, but I still had fun making the animation along with the composition next to it. I hope you enjoy it too.

Anyway, I gotta run for the night. Been procrastinating on homework to the very last hours of the day because I'm just that good of a student, I guess.

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    Best of luck to you- animation looks beautiful as always (I'm really quite a fan of the head angle for some reason, maybe because I think it's one of the most difficult). My life is currently also super busy... and yeah, you said it. Online is a mess for everyone I think. Twitter isn't looking so good, and I truly do hope the best for you (and all artists looking for a place to do commission and get their art shared). It really sucks, but I atleast hope you get some peaceful time off for the holidays.

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      Thank you, and especially for pointing out the head angle. I've had so many previous attempts at tackling this angle in the past, it's surprisingly difficult and I'm glad I was finally able to pull it off.

      Very sad about Twitter. I'm kind of longing for the days prior to heavy social media, back when people just messaged each other to check out websites they found. I think an overwhelming social media feed is quite draining, and I find myself a lot more interested in seeing people's websites and reading individual blog posts. I know that may be an inconvenience for many though, since it would require one to manually go through pages. (RSS is an option, of course, but that goes back to having posts being a whole feed.)

      Recently, I've been encouraging people on Twitter to share their personal websites with me in hopes that I myself can at least have a nicer online experience. I think I will also make a post like that on my other art websites to get some more submissions.