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Klo vs. Typhoeus (Part 2) by KlonoaPrower

Klo vs. Typhoeus (Part 2)


Original: Unposted as of yet!
Artist Link:
Drawn by the outstanding: Rcanheta
Evil drider involved and incredible story writer for the project: Xenolugia150

This one hardly needs an introduction, so please enjoy! Again, go give the drider and the artist a bunch of love for being such major parts of this project. Give them love, adoration and watches and stuff! Ooh, and leave some here too if it isn't too much trouble. >^.^<

Klo grumbled some more as he looked at the drider and then turned around so Typhoeus could undo the rope bindings around his arms. A brief thought of trying to get another sneak attack on the drider crossed his mind, but he was already in enough trouble and didn't want to make it worse. Once free the foxy was presented with the latex suit, which at least looked normal enough at first glance and he was instructed to get into it from the opening in the back. Apparently the spiderfox had planned ahead just in case she won since Klo saw that there were two sleeves for his tails...he was still convinced that she had cheated even though he knew she hadn't done anything suspicious during the whole ordeal.

"Hmph. I still think this is totally unfair." he said, huffing a bit as the smooth material rubbed against his legs and thighs, making him shiver a bit in delight...he did like latex. "At least you got the size right and the tail sleeves...uncomfy when I have to stuff them both into one that's usually too small."

"Well, I try to at least be accommodating when I can, especially to 'guests' like you." she said with a chuckle, helping the foxy get his arms into the sleeves for them and stuffed his tails into the sheaths as well. "Arms held out in front of you and then let me take a look."

"Unnnnngggghhhh...little tight overall, and...hey. Hey wait a minute! Where's the zipper on this thing?" he asked all of the sudden as the drider began pulling the back halves of the suit together, which caused everything to squeeze. It got even tighter when she pulled the hood over his head, covering over everything but his face and he found his ears were put into padded pockets, which muffled his hearing a bit. "Hey, are you going at least tell me what the heck kind of a suit doesn't come with a zipper? How is this thing supposed to stay on?"

Klo didn't get an answer and instead he saw the spiderfox grabbing something else out from the drawer, and it appeared to be dryer of sorts? This puzzled him more than the missing zipper that he was used to seeing with latex catsuits, but he was going to get the answer very soon. Grabbing the back halves again, Typhoeus tugged them just enough to relieve most of the slack, overlapped them a bit, and used several of her legs to hold Klo's own in place...she wasn't going to let him get away again. Turning the 'dryer' on she started to pass the tip of it over the latex and the foxy felt the heat from it; not uncomfortable, but certainly not weak either. Eventually he managed to sneak a peek behind and squeaked in surprise at what he saw was happening.

"HEY! WAIT A MINUTE! What are you doing?!" he whined, watching as the latex began to melt and the seam between the two halves was beginning to fade away and become smooth. "Y-Y-You're not giving me a way to get out of this?! Oh come on, you big meanie! Now this is really unfair...if I would've known this was going to happen then I wouldn't have played cards with you or took up this stupid bet in the first place!"

Typhoeus merely chuckled at that, a sly grin going across her face as she quickly and expertly used the nice 'heat gun' to get the foxy all bound up in the suit and watched as he tried to wiggle away. Thankfully, she was much stronger than he was and also had one other thing prepared for Klo that she knew he was going to like...or rather...he'd like whether he wanted to or not. Reaching over to that dresser once more she snuck an object out of a drawer while he wasn't looking and more focused on complaining, which was all the time she needed to strike. Soon enough - and much to Klo's chagrin - a bright red ballgag was wedged into his maw and it appeared to have some kind of rubbery tape integrated into where the typical straps were. He squealed and bit down on the semi-soft gag a bit, but it did little to help as Typhoeus yanked the rubbery bits along his cheeks and pressed them in place.

"I think it's time you shut up and just accepted you fate in this, Klo. You can claim that I cheated all you want, you can whine about how unfair it turned out, but the fact is you knew the rules and consequences that came with them. Now, hush up, or just whine cutely...doesn't matter to me at this're going to get your just desserts for losing."

"Grrrmmpphhh-mmmmm! Hhhrrrrffgghhh!"

Klo chewed on the gag a bit more, tempted to just try and rip it off, but he knew that'd only make the spiderfox even more made and probably worsen his punishment. Didn't take long, however, for him to get distracted from that thought as the drider was now wrapping some thick purple rubber sheeting around his legs from the ankles on up to just below his knees. He instinctively tried to tug them apart, but those spidery limbs kept them together, leaving Typhoeus plenty of time to get the heat gun in place and melting the purple rubber into a tight sleeve. More cute whines escaped from beneath the gag as the foxy felt his arms getting yanked together behind his back and more of the purply substance was winding around them like an armbinder. And as the heat gun returned and began warming up, Klo knew Typhoeus wasn't finished with him. No, this felt very much like 'prep-work'...the main bondage would be coming soon...

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