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Klo vs. Typhoeus (Part 1) by KlonoaPrower

Klo vs. Typhoeus (Part 1)


Original: Unposted as of yet!
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Drawn by the outstanding Rcanheta (FA)
Evil drider involved and incredible story writer for the project::

This was a long time coming! I always did want to get something with that amazing writer and perv... so... I do what I do best and think of something silly and a lot of fun! Be sure to enjoy and give both of them plenty of watches, favs, and comments! Oooh... and leaving some here would be awesome too! ^.^

"NO! It's not fair! That card game was rigged! You cheated! YOU CHEATED!" Klo whined as he was carried by a very familiar, latex-clad spiderfox to her cave. He kicked and wriggled about, trying to get his arms or legs free from the ropes around them, but they had been snugged too much for him to do much about it. "Let me go right now! I want a rematch!"

"Oh for heaven's sake you big baby, I didn't cheat." Typhoeus replied as she carried the twin-tailed foxy into her lair and sat him down with a 'thump' on the ground. "It's not my fault that you're just bad at card games, and don't forget you're the one who agreed to it being Texas Hold 'Em. I was willing to play anything you wanted."

"Noooooooo! Not fair, not fair! There's no way you could've gotten as lucky as you did! You had to have played with a marked deck or made it so that you knew what cards you'd get!" the fox protested as Typhoeus began to unwind the ropes around his ankles, freeing up his legs. "You're not going to deny that you got THREE ROYAL FLUSHES IN A ROW! No one gets that kind of luck!"

"Oh? And pray tell, my dear little fuzzball...WHO was it that shuffled the cards after winning the first game?" the drider retorted as she discarded the rope and put her hands on her hips. "Oh that's right...YOU were the one who did all of the shuffling, and never ONCE did I touch the cards during those times. You mixed them all up on the table, scooped them up, and shuffled them, so the only to blame is YOURSELF for doing a bad job at that and having terrible skills at a card game. And don't forget we both agreed to the rules and outcome before the game even started; best out of five hands gets to tie up the other one, and I won four out of five WITHOUT CHEATING. Now, stop being such a sore loser and stand up...time to get you bound and put in your place."

Klo grumbled as he was hoisted up by Typhoeus while his tails twitched in dissatisfaction. He couldn't deny that she was telling the truth, and he didn't have the best of luck. Still, in his mind this whole thing wasn't fair and the foxy wasn't going to sit or stand by idly and accept his fate. As the drider was turning to reach over and open a nearby chest of drawers that had the gear she would use on him for winning, he decided to take the opportunity to escape. Without warning, Klo charged at the spiderfox and caught her off guard with a moderately powerful headbutt to her chest. Typhoeus found herself a little winded and surprised that the foxy had the guts to do such a thing, and soon enough he was dashing towards the exit to her cave. Sadly, and perhaps not surprisingly, he didn't make it much further than maybe ten yards before he suddenly felt a latex-covered hand firmly grab one of his tails and gave it a hard yank.

"OWWWWWW! Hey! Not the tail! Don't pull so hard!" he whined, trying to keep on running, but instead was slowly dragged back and then two spidery limbs pressed into his back and forced him onto the ground. He flailed about and whined some more at that, looking up at the drider and growled slightly, "Get off of me! Let me outta here! This is not fair!"

"Now you listen up, Klo. I'm not going to be taking much more of your lip at this point." Typhoeus growled back, clearly starting to get a little more than irritated with the twin-tailed foxy as she kept him on the floor with her legs and reached over to the dresser once again. This time she was able to open it up and pulled out a grayish-black latex suit and showed it off to Klo. "You've already made your punishment for losing worse for this little outburst, but if you continue then I'll make sure it'll get A LOT tighter than it's going to. Your choice foxy way or the hard way..."

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