HavenCon!!!! We'll be there, will you??!?!?! by KiyoPi

HavenCon!!!! We'll be there, will you??!?!?!


21 April 2016 at 23:11:39 MDT

It's a LGBTQIA, Gamer, Anime, Furry, Brony, Fantasy, Everything Wonderfully Nerdy con in my home town of Austin, TX and it's TOMORROW... well technically today because it's past midnight but you get the idea. The person running it is amazing and is working really hard to have a "Haven" type con in Austin, where everyone is welcome, loved and there to have a good time!

Check out their website here: http://www.havencontx.com/

Toradoshi and myself will be there in a booth, make sure to stop by and see all the new creations Tora has made or take a crack at my MASSIVE candy grab bag prize selection!

Hope to see you all there. (^__^)/ <3

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    Oh man I wish I had more notice that this was a thing. I've only lived in the Austin-ish area for a year and I'm still looking for things to do. IDK if i can go on such short notice but If I can I will definitely get my trans ass over there

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      It's only the con's second year (I think) but from what I hear it's pretty awesome. If you do end up going make sure to stop by and say hello. (^__^)/