The End - Life As Rendered by KittyRedden

The End - Life As Rendered


4 December 2017 at 08:31:33 MST

The votes are in. 31 to 14 to end LAR. Thank you to everyone for following me throughout this adventure and I'm sorry to end it here. I will be writing up a summary of the end of the story and I will try to give credit where I can to those who helped me write certain scenes.

Please visit my website, to read my sketches that will take you to the end of Act Five. I would post them here, but I'm not posting 26 individual images on 4 different sites because I'm lazy and only have 2.5 hrs till I have to leave for work with lots of shit to do.

Thank you, De`Leon, Evan Platt, Tobias Braun, Bluewolf, Clare Bennett, and Michael Barløse Hansen, for being a patron and supporting my work.

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