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Questioning Armadillo by Kittrel

Questioning Armadillo


14 April 2014 at 17:19:58 MDT

On the long ride down to Florida I saw my first armadillo. Sadly it was roadkill. :( Nevertheless I got very excited and developed a mild armadillo infatuation which Skippy found very irritating.

Did you know armadillos are the only mammal aside from humans to catch leprosy? Did you know they always give birth to identical quadruplets? Like coyotes, they're one of the few animals whose range is actually expanding in spite of human encroachment on natural habitats. AND WHOA they can INFLATE THEIR INTESTINES to float across rivers. Or not inflate them and just sink and walk across the riverbed because they can hold their breath for 6 minutes. They are crazy and awesome animals with weird superpowers!!!

So anyway, I wanna do something cool with this to finish it and make it purty. Maybe even put it up in one of my online stores. For all those armadillo fans out there of course. :P But I don't know what he should be looking at. Ideas?

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    This looks really cute ! I love the anatomy as well. Armadillos are like super animals or something. I don't remember what it's from but they have a really interesting origin story, like one of those tall tails. It was like a porcupine and a turtle. The turtle wanted to roll into a ball like the porcupine could but the porcupine wanted to swim across the water like the turtle could. Or it was a hedge hog i really forget.

    So any way every day both of them tried to do what the other could. Soon the porcupines quills began to melt together and the turtle's shell became flexible as it learned to roll into a ball. Both of them became what is now known today is armadillos ! It's a really neat tall tail. I don't think I told it right but you could probably look online. I read it in one of those books that tells tales about animals like that. Like how the elephant got it's trunk etc. Kind of similar to what Tinga Tinga tales talks about or what ever that toon is called !

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      That's really cool! I haven't heard that story before and I'll have to look it up. I really do have an armadillo infatuation now. XD