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"BYZANTINE" Portraits OPEN - Price Guide! by Kittiara

"BYZANTINE" Portraits OPEN - Price Guide!


**Finally I open again for Byzantine Portrait commissions! **

I've restructured the process, prices, and expanded the available options on all fronts to allow everyone more flexibility for their price range and character needs!

I've also included a print and laminate option thanks to feedback from everybody that they were, well, too afraid to wear the art! I totally get that, yikes!

Please enjoy this PRICING INFOGRAPHIC: (=ↀωↀ=)✧
Past examples:

Choose your Price Level!
Choose your cutout options!
Choose your image options!
Choose your gold options!...and so on! (ノ*ФωФ)ノ

Additional Ordering Information:

If you can pay by then, you can still get a slot even if you can't pay immediately!

-->I accept EMAILS ONLY for reservation.
-->Paypal. Full cost up front (excepting waitlist applicants)
-->When you receive confirmation and get me all your info, I will give you my Paypal email.
-->Shipping is calculated on a case-by-case basis. These travel in small USPS flat rate boxes, insured. (Out of country is not insured on this type of package, please speak with me about other options!)

FALL/WINTER SLOTS: Includes option for MFF delivery!
20 slots (additional slots for small portraits may open). First come, first served.

ANE DELIVERY: If you will be at Anthro New England, I will open special additional slots for delivery at that con, where I will be one of the Guests of Honor!

WAITLIST: up to 20 slots. Get a personal update and early spot for the next opening. Finishing date estimated at post-New Year! Reservation requires no payment.

Thank you all for your support! ฅ(#ΦωΦ#) ฅ

--------FORM TO EMAIL-------

COMMISSIONER SHIPPING ADDRESS: [shipping to be calculated on an individual basis. convention pickups available for MFF, ANE, and AC! If picking up at a con, include the best way to contact you at the venue.]

BADGE NAME (if applicable): [please link to the font to use for the name and note what it should look like-- gold with black outline? Black with gold outline? Colored outline? etc)

BADGE TYPE: [choose: standard 3x4.5, 4x6 standard w/name, 4x6 XL art, mini head portrait)
CUSTOM WINDOW CUTOUT SHAPE?: [if no, reply no. if yes, specify what shape]
EDGEWORK: [for custom cutouts only; add designs to uncut areas of board?]
METAL LEAF - COLOR: [gold, silver, copper, variegated metal leaf flakes]
METAL LEAF - SHAPE: [halo shape or design]
AGING: [there is a standard layer of ‘aging’. please specify if you would like yours especially ‘dirty’ or ‘aged’, or if you would like me to accent the background to be darker and make the metal leaf and character pop out more]

EXTRAS: [any stones, extra stuff, etc?]

CHARACTER DESCRIPTION AND REFERENCES: [text and/or image references, plus any personality or character details you would like to note! Please include species and, if character is stylized in a certain way, please elaborate on how much you would like me to match those stylized proportions. Please make note of any props or weapons the character will be holding, if any!]

Submission Information

Visual / Other


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    Wow what an amazing price sheet! not to mention incredible art. I wish I could afford one with all the bells and whistles <3 Good luck!

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      Thank you so much! <3

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    The option which I really liked for mine was the 4x6 XL art in color with the name added later on the laminated, illuminated print. Awesome portrait for framing / display + durable badge to wear around at conventions and events! :D