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Awkward by KiRAWRa



Silly boys holdin' hands (✿◡‿◡)✨
Fanart of a scene from Ikira's fanfic: [The Setting Sun Above It All], which was originally inspired by another artwork of mine, so I guess this technically counts as a sequel to [Parkour] 😄

"They both stood there for a moment, tucked away behind their hero agency where no one would see them, Izuku too stunned to do anything but just stand there and try to absorb the fact that Kacchan was actually holding his hand. [...] Izuku could feel the blush slowly overtaking his entire body as the awkward silence continued to stretch on and on. [...] But then Izuku dared to glance at Kacchan out of the corner of his eye, only to catch Kacchan doing the same. The moment their eyes met, Izuku couldn’t help it. He could feel the grin start to spread across his face, stretching his cheeks so wide they hurt. Kacchan started smiling as well, and then all of the sudden they were laughing, awkward tension breaking as they both seemed to realize at the same time how stupid they were being."

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