Hellfire Duskky Official Adopt [SOLD] by KiRAWRa

Hellfire Duskky Official Adopt [SOLD]


30 June 2019 at 03:04:42 MDT

Aaaand here's my second official Duskky design as June's Guest Artist! :D I didn't think I could make one that I love more than the last, but.. here we are XD I'm so glad I got the opportunity to design some official Duskkys this month. There is now a 3 month cool-down period before I can be picked again, but you bet I'll be applying again the next time I qualify! ♥

Starting Bid: $100
Minimum Increment: $5
AUTOBUY: $200 (comes with extra art!)

Owner: circuitcat on FA


  • Auction winner will receive: Full size digital PNG file and rights to the character design. Winner may do whatever they like with the character, including change its species and use the character in profit-based projects.
  • AUTOBUY BONUS: If the winning bid is an AB, you will also receive a [square icon] for this character (or another character of your choice). I accept payment plans!!
  • Auction will end 48 hours after the last bid is placed.
  • You may not use my artwork for profit. Do not reuse, manipulate, or deface my artwork.
  • You must include a link or credit to me (KiRAWRa) as the artist/designer if you reupload the artwork anywhere.
  • Do not resell the character for higher than you bought it for, unless it comes with extra art/content.
  • By bidding, you agree that you have read, understood, and will adhere to these terms. You agree that you are of legal age and have full permission to make this transaction. Failure to comply may result in sales and/or character rights being revoked.

What are Duskkys?
Duskky "Duplicates" are stitched-dogs with magical properties, each of which are their own unique variation of TytoNoctis' OC, Duskky. Duskky Duplicates are not an original species, but more like a community project.
Learn more at the [Duskky group]

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    Starting Bid: $100
    Minimum Increment: $5
    AUTOBUY: $200 (comes with extra art!)

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      SB by W3ND1G05 on DA

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        105 by circuitcat on Furaffinity

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          Auction ended!