Dinosaur Planter Tutorial by KiRAWRa

Dinosaur Planter Tutorial


8 March 2019 at 01:04:48 MST

A more in-depth look at how I created my faux-succulent dinosaur planters!
These were all created for my family and friends as Christmas gifts in 2017. I didn't plan to actually make a tutorial, I just happened to take a bunch of photos while I was working on them to remind myself of how I did it, in case I ever wanted to make more XD
If this inspires you to create something, please PLEASE tag me or post it here! I would love to see what you make! ā™„
I still have a few leftover supplies; I've been thinking of making a few more of these and throwing them into my Etsy shop!

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    Man that is really awesome way to spice up the home atmosphere. And a good conversation starter
    Very Nice

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      Thanks so much!