Blasting off again by KiRAWRa

Blasting off again


24 September 2018 at 03:20:04 MDT

Lunara for -Lunara-
I really like how cute and whimsical this one came out :3

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    deep inhale


    starry eyes

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      hehehe! bit of nostalgia with this one, did you ever have the glow in the dark stars to put on your bedroom walls/ceiling? :3

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        Omg yes! I actually repainted my room recently and now I might just put some up again! Eeeeee nostalgia~! You certainly got the familiar green yellow luminescent colour of them there in this piece! X33

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          Ah thank you!
          I got real lucky and found a whole box of them at a garage sale once when I was a kid. It didn't just have the moons and stars, it also had asteroids and dinosaurs too! Really wish I still had them.