Everything Dump 4 by KiRAWRa

Everything Dump 4


26 May 2018 at 00:03:40 MDT

(I've never actually posted a dump compilation to this account but believe me, this is #4 haha)
So, I have about a billion files in my DA stash. I throw everything I draw into there - even if I don't intend to post it - just to keep track of my art. There are some drawings that have been in there for years to say the least, so if you were expecting some new art in this dump, I'm sorry to disappoint :')
The oldest thing in this batch is from 2011, just to give you an idea! So please enjoy some really old drawings that I wanted cleared out of my stash folder, haha.

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    Oh I love seeing these. It's super fun to see the more random sketches get some exposure too! Those elephant drawings are the coolest :') Love me some else's, check if I've never drawn one though haha.

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      Thank you! I have a bigger version of the elephant sketches on [tumbr] :)

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    that ivy kitty with the snail on it's head is my new favoritest thing ever!

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      Haha thank you! That was a cute little character requested by a friend of mine so she could practice making pixel art