Charmed Rats by KiRAWRa

Charmed Rats


30 March 2018 at 05:11:55 MDT

Three little rats based on Liddy, Luca, and Prissy for Kittygomou of her ratty girls. Designed as phone charms as a surprise. Picture of the finished charms on my Instagram
Originally made in 2016 - I'll never stop being amazed at the amount of art I find while rooting through folders that I never posted!

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    They're so cute! <3

    I love how you crafted these to look like they're holding onto the loop, and hanging onto the additional little heart charms at the bottom. AND still went to the effort of giving them all unique poses. Very nice!

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      Ahh thank you! My friend expected I was going to reuse these images as charms to sell and was surprised when I said they were only for her! But I think I will definitely be making some new rattie charm designs to put in my etsy