Red Fox Faux Stained Glass (Outdoor) by KiRAWRa

Red Fox Faux Stained Glass (Outdoor)


25 February 2018 at 18:10:56 MST

For sale on [Etsy]!

You may remember some years ago when I created a batch of faux stained-glass windows for Christmas. After some refining of the technique, I created a couple more for convention showpieces back in June of 2017 C: This red fox was actually a design I had started way back as a Christmas present, but abandoned and eventually reworked for the design you see here.

These windows are made with real glass, but are not true stained glass pieces. They use gel glass paint, adhesive rubber strips, and simulated liquid leading to mimic the look and texture of real stained glass artwork. These windows are lightweight and come with an attached chain making them very easy to hang, but the chain is also fully detachable if you prefer to set it on a window ledge instead.

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