Making of KiRAWRa Sign by KiRAWRa

Making of KiRAWRa Sign


5 February 2018 at 15:55:43 MST

Some WIP photos from my finished [KiRAWRa sign] made back in March 2017.
The RAWR sign was found at Hobby Lobby in a seasonal dinosaur-themed display, and the rest of the wooden pieces were found in the general woodworking section.

Picture 1: The RAWR sign was thicker and heavier than the other letters, but this wasn't much of a problem. If I had more time, I might have tried to double-up the other letters to make them thicker. The corners were sanded to look rounder and match the RAWR font a little better.
Picture 2: You can see the paints and brushes I'm using, all very cheap supplies from Walmart. Specifically, I'm using Apple Barrel matte acrylic paints.
Picture 3: Several coats were necessary for each paint color, since they're cheap paints they're also thin. No tricks here for the straight lines, just some pencil marks, a steady hand, and lots of patience.
Picture 4: Adding the green outline actually makes the letters legibile again, haha. After the paint dried on all the letters, they were given about 2 coats of glossy acrylic varnish (Liquitex brand).
Picture 5: The back board was painted black and coated in a matte varnish. The letters were secured using wood glue and some hefty books! Once it had been left to dry for a couple days, two metal hooks were nailed into the back of the sign for hanging.
Bonus picture of me holding the RAWR on my [tumbr] for a sense of scale.
I absolutely love how this came out and even if I don't end up hosting another convention booth for a while, it'll be hanging proudly in my craft room.

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