Aywas: Black Friday Summoner Teo by KiRAWRa

Aywas: Black Friday Summoner Teo


4 January 2018 at 19:41:16 MST

The first set I finished for 2017's Black Friday Sale on Aywas! This pet was actually sketched in 2016 and was passed over twice before finally being approved, and I'm so glad it was because I've been wanting to finish it so bad! I'm so happy with how this set came out despite it being a fairly simple idea. The best part is that several of these were named after FullMetal Alchemist references by their new owners.
The 6th one was auctioned and customized for the winner, Batty (#16156), who actually AB'd it before I even put it up for auction because she's a big sneaky thief like that.