Ole! by KiRAWRa



6 August 2017 at 03:10:34 MDT

During the Aywas Mayday event I drew a set of [piñata themed] Oëts, which were SO much fun to make that it inspired my own piñata character. I just so happen to love donkeys, the quintessential class of piñata, so it worked out all too well. Meet Olé! He's a fun-loving fellow full of happiness and colorful candies. He loves giving his candy to children who ask nicely! He does not like baseball bats. Or being beaten with bats. Or rude people who try to take his candy.
Technically he's genderless (being a piñata and all) but I tend to refer to him with male pronouns. I might get a real ref drawn up for him someday but for now have this sketchy temporary one.


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    Pinata OC are the best. I never seen one but I always think of them as a really interesting design. I like the drawing tho.

    Anyway, is Aywas fun? I registered Aywas before but for some reason I can't log in.

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      Thank you! I never thought about a piñata as an OC before making some for Aywas, but now I want to make a bunch! One of my buddies came up with the idea of a dragon piñata that hoards chocolate coins, candy necklaces, ring pops, and other relevant candies, which is super adorable and awesome.
      I think Aywas is tons of fun! But the breeding system is very hard to understand. I've been playing seriously for about two years now and I still don't understand it all, and often have to bug my Aywas pals for information or explanations. If you sign up or get into your old account, feel free to friend me at #11849!

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        That dragon piñata sounds like an interesting idea.

        I'll try and remember to add you.