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Raasu reference sheet by kippurable

Raasu reference sheet


A new OC of mine!


Raasu (Finnish word for a pitiful/poor person) is very shy, quiet person and looks very derpy too with their large bug-eyes which look to different directions. Yet they are a very goodhearted and smart, though most of the time they just lurk and hide around so it’s very hard to get to know them. Raasu likes to take care of small, injured animals such as birds, squirrels, spiders etc and is also able to use their front paws like humans use hands, which makes it easier to take care of those animals. Regardless this ability, he is not and anthro character, meaning that he cannot walk on two legs.

Age, gender and species is unknown, although their appearance has got traits from a fennec fox and chihuahua (the eyes). They are generally a very small size, about the size of a domestic cat. Their fur is rather shaggy and the tail makes the body look twice as long.

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    Awwe, what an amazing character! Love the wonky face, especially the eyes!

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      Thank you! I'm quite fond of them too 8D

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    ohh goodness, the little robin in those delicate paws. <3 heartmelting. I love this character.

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      Thank you!! ;u; He is a super good and delicate caretaker <3

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    Welp there goes my heart :< What a strange, cute little dude ;;

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      Aww I'm glad people can see past his unusual appearance ;u;