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So you've found your way to my profile, go you!

My name's Temperance, you can call me Tempy, Temps, Temper, or Tempers for short (lotta nick names I know)

I'm the fucking King, don't like it, don't care.

I'm an artist of all kinds though my commission focus for the "Furry" fandom is digital art, I also paint and wood craft, but ya'll don't need to see that much. I'm pretty easy going, I mean I'm a pot head, which by the way it's completely legal where I am so if you've got a problem with it?.. like sucks to be you I guess? I enjoy music, nature, cars, art, animals, adventure, traveling, video games, history, anthropology, medical stuff, I honestly have tons of interests so just feel free to talk to me about anything. I'm honestly not too judgmental, but I have some strong words for abusive people and pedophiles so if you're one of those <~< go die I guess? Idk I try not to be all "someone deserves to die" but, y'know, there are exceptions.

Anywho, I take commissions, and I enjoy doing trades. At some point you can probably find my TOS and my Commission prices in my Journals, y'know if you're interested in commissioning me.

I also do a lot of bases. Usually free. So, y'know, check those out if you wanna use them, I'd love to see what you make.

Um I'm a FtM Trans man.
I'm Homosexual mostly, like women are pretty, don't get me wrong but... man I couldn't be with a woman, she'd have to be like a fucking Goddess and near perfect for me to be remotely interested.
I'm 23
I live in Las Vegas, but have lived in a lot of places and traveled a lot, just not the states much.
My favorite colours are Green, red, black, silver, purple, and blue
I like Fall and Winter, Spring is pretty, but in Vegas it's just too hot. Summer can suck my dick.
Dr Pepper and Black Cherry Soda are my favorite liquids to guzzle down my gullet.
I am a simple man who likes pizza, meat, and diner/bar food. Steak is typically the fanciest I get.
I'm not big on sweets except for when I'm craving them, then I REALLY want them.

My main sonas are King Tempy, the Golden Tiger & Arctic Wolf Hybrid, Shin the Arctic/Maned Wolf Hybrid Vampire, I may add another later on.

I do have some mental issues, including PTSD, I have a service dog named Aries, he's a border collie mix.
I've got a great boyfriend, named James, also known as Obsolete. He's mine and I'll fuck you up. Not even joking.
My boyfriend has a very old, very fat, very adorable German Shepherd mix named Maxine, Max for short, and I love her to bits.
I've got a black and white, long haired cat named Edgar Allen Poe, and he is my most precious baby.
James and I go off roading a lot, we do most of our errands together and take the dogs everywhere.

I really can't think of anything else to put here :/ sorry! Feel free to message me about anything!

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