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kingdomofgray / Male (He/Him)

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Hello, I'm KingdomofGray, though you can call me Gray.

I am a writer and an artist. Not the greatest, but I do try to improve with each piece I do. In my works you can find a number of repeating themes, including Pokemon, vore, weight gain, and so forth. A fair warning to those who found my gallery from unrelated works.

Due to my current situation regarding college and work, commissions are closed indefinitely. This may change in the future, but for the time being I am not accepting any form of commission work.

For those who watch or favorite my work - a big thank you for showing interest in what I do ^^

NOTE - this is pasted from my FA page. Its due for an update on both sites.

Latest Journal

Resurrecting an old account

Hello! If you're reading this and have no idea who I am, my name Is Kingdomofgray. Most people refer to me either as Gray or as my sona's name, Solomon or Sol. I'm a creator who's been using FA to post artwork and stories for a long time. While most of it is mature or adult in nature, consisting of vore, weight gain, sex, pokemon, and other bits and baubs here and there.

Now, spreading my presence to other sites has been something on my mind for a while now, though I've been fairly reluctant due to how much id have to reupload, finding new people to watch / rewatching people who have a weasyl account, and thus. But due to some recent "discourse" on the site I primarily used, I guess you could say that I had that urge to diversify rekindled, like lighting a match under my ass. Imagine my surprise when i found out I had, apparently, made an account here almost 10 years ago and completely forgot about it until I was graced by the "this account name is already taken" message. Thankfully getting back into it wasn't too difficult.

I wont go into the discourse here - I don't want to focus on that. My primary focus now is making good on my intent to start building up this account. This will take some time, and for those of you who know me on FA and see this journal, feel free to watch me here. New content may be slow going, but ill try to get old stuff up semi-regularly here.

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