Ghosts of the Past by kikidoodle (critique requested)

Ghosts of the Past (critique requested)


5 February 2015 at 11:49:48 MST

As the guilt ate away at her, she was unable to see the good that had happened in her life.

So, um, this is the ULTIMATE Throw Back Thursday piece. Yes, these are Neopets
More than a decade ago I wrote a story for Neopets called The Zafara Assassin. It was quite the epic, and lightly touched upon some mature themes that I was never good enough to really get across (in my opinion). Those were good times, and I still have friends I made from the Neopets era. So, here's a tribute piece, trying to capture what I saw in my head as I wrote. Zarrel, Dorono and the ghost of Tarnox.

This is also a practice piece, as I'm working out a way to sort of speed up my painting process while still getting the style across for a full color comic I'm going to be TRYING to release by Comiccon. Full color characters, and slightly simplified backgrounds... I think this could work for it!

Enjoy this dive into my past.

Btw, I'm not planning on making any prints of this, so if you'd like a print, note me, as they'll be print on demand only.

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