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Pride Pandas by kikidoodle (critique requested)

Pride Pandas (critique requested)


Red panda! orange, yellow, green, blue purple pandas, too!
Alternate title: Pride pandas :p

Original watercolor piece sold at FC 2016! Finally remembered to put up the scan!

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    This is so cute and yes...Colorful! I really like the shades of the colors that you used. They're bright but not to bright where it can seem overwhelming on the eyes. The tone of the red panda is absolutely beautiful and I feel as though the red is slightly brighter than the others. Maybe a symbol of sorts or as it's the original RED Panda so to speak.

    It has a real nice vibe to it and a celebration feel with the splatters it makes it look like confetti and the smiles (minus the one the orange panda,he looks worried.) they seem to be having fun. Red Pandas for me are a symbol of happiness they seem like happy fluffs enjoying life. :3

    Absolutely wonderful work! :D

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      Thank you so much! I'm glad the bright red panda works out just fine :)
      May have also been a case of my mini set just having an overall better selection of reds/me having a really great understanding of how to USE the reds.

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    Oh that's adorable!

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    Wow, I love this! So cute!

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    This was one of my favorite pieces in the FC art show! I was so tempted to bid on it myself but I'm so glad to hear it found a good home! Such a wonderful and adorable piece!

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      Why thank you :D I'm always super stoked to see things go to a good home. Turns out the buyer followed me on Twitter, which made me happy!

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    this is an absolutely wonderful piece! their posing reminds me of a google doodle