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Bunch of Doggos - Aka-tora Kai Ken by KibaTheDemonicWolf

Bunch of Doggos - Aka-tora Kai Ken


2 February 2020 at 07:39:13 MST

aka-tora Kai Ken/Red Brindle Kai Ken/Red Tiger Kai Ken
Also known as my favorite dog and color type of the three color types a Kai Ken can be <3

in my panic to figure out what to post publicly while I wait to be able to go get pens I realized there was several of the Bunch of Doggo drawings that either never got uploaded publicly (with no versions up on dA, FA, or Weasyl) or only had very poor quality photos instead of scans up so going to be uploading them.
An for Patreon I might be continuing the series and periodically posting these so I have a hoard of them stocked up for situations like this, because I liked having these to fall back on
note: due to some of them not being up to a standard that I'm personally okay with I'm only going to upload the better ones so unless specifically asked for I'll probably just leave certain ones until I really Have to post them publicly as an emergency and wont be posting them to patreon unless specifically requested by a patron
list of breeds done so far
1. Corgi (not posting to Patreon)
2. Shibas (just really badly drawn and not reposting it at all not even as an emergency)
3. Long Haired Chihuahua
4. Poodle (not posting to Patreon)
5. Bulldog (not posting to Patreon)
6. Husky (not posting to Patreon)
7. Caucasian Shepherd
8. Pug (not posting to Patreon)
9. Keeshond
10. Malamute (not posting to Patreon)
11. Saint Bernard
12. Whippet
13. Carolina Dog
14. Beagle
15. Akatora Kai Ken
16. Australian Shepherd
17. Black and Tan Coonhound
18. Irish Wolfhound

Amazon Wishlist:
No money? no problem, please leave a nice comment to help me out! :3


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    He's a handsome-looking dog. I also like the dog breeds on your list as well.

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      I like some of them some of them are eh to me honestly, but thanks :3