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Out of the cockpit by Kiaun

Out of the cockpit


"The cooling systems got damaged, phew!
it was getting hot in here,
but I'm glad you're here
can you help me taking off this pilot's suit?"
Guardian clan technology can be a little messier, not as reliable as the Exi's... but it works anyway
this can be a tank/robot cockpit probably, just made it very general so it can be several things haha

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some notes:
Vex is a character that hasn't been featured in comic yet, but I hope to use her in the continuation of my X-E-N comic.
YOU Can read the prelude episode online here:
download the comic with extra content here:

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    <joke type="old">Well, today, it's a box office!</joke>

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        Captain Kill-a-joke reporting for duty! :)

        The place in an airplane where the pilot sits was called a "cockpit" relatively early on, either because it was derived from a term used in sailing, or because it meant "the place where the action is".

        You could also interpret it as "the place where the men are", since pilots were often (not always) men, and "cock" means... you know. >_> If you think of it that way, then "cockpit" doesn't really seem correct, if the pilot is a woman. Informally, "box" is a similar term to "cock", except applied to women. "Box office" was an existing term, meaning "the place at the cinema where you can buy a ticket".

        So, if the pilot or flight crew are all female, calling the place at the front of the airplane a "box office" instead of a "cockpit" is an old joke.

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          oh thans for explaining, I just got confused by the <> thingies,
          I don't know much about military stuff! and my main language is Spanish, so I can miss some concepts too

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    Something tells me she's just as dangerous outside the cockpit as she is inside! X3

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      probably more (?)