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Metamorpher's TF meme! by KeweyTanuki

Metamorpher's TF meme!


Here's my tilt at Metamorpher's TF meme! Here is the text of it in case you find it hard to read!

Why don't you introduce yourself?
G'day! Kewey here!

Now that we know you. What got you into TF artwork?
Hmm.. probably Disney movies.. ?

Except for Tfs. Is there any other art you like to do?
(thinking to self) I can do OTHER art?!

Of all the creatures out there. What are your 3 favourite to transform people into?
Piggies, bears & boingies! (kangaroos)

What creature tfs do you hate the most?
Non-con revenge-type TF - too bitter for me! ('specially the creepy rapey stuff)

Interesting. So what do you think is the hardest part of creating a tf piece?
Hmm.. probably detailing? Maybe staging & composing too?

There are so many parts of the transformation process. What is your favourite?
That kind of in-betweeny bit where people realise they're changing and the joy of that moment!

With all the different ways that could cause a transformation to happen. What do you like to use? Example: Artifacts? Magic. Sci-fi. Curses. Etc.
Whimsical happy TF for me all the way!

Is there someone you like to use that just can't help being transformed?
Joe Meyer! Look I'm doing it again! (Sorry Joe!)

All of a sudden you were given the power to tf yourself and anyone into what you want. What would you do with that power?
Use it with compassion and generosity, because life's too short for anything else!

Final question. Any tips you can give to other and future tfers out there?

  • Don't neglect the basics of your craft!
  • Use reference if you're not sure!
  • Draw characters reacting instead of just bodies transforming! (It's more fun that way!)

Part of the epic August 2018 art dump! See them all at

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