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TF Exhange: The Changes of Christmas by Kenku

The Changes of Christmas

As the snow slowly fell outside of the house, Melee smiled as he entered with a sly grin. The evening before Christmas had gone very well he thought. The parties had been hopping and bopping and had nice drinks. There had also been many a friend to talk to as he had partied the night away. A sly smile came to his face as he reminded himself of some of the "action" he gotten into as the last party had begun to wane. The bunny he’d met there was rather beautiful, and boy was she nice to ride!

           All of that however was over, and Melee had returned home to rest, for Christmas festivities were to occur tomorrow. As he laid his coat down, he stopped and raised his brow, as he spied something strange out of the corner of his eye. In front of his tree there sat a dark red box with a bright green ribbon tied around it, sitting there where nothing used to be, or at least as he had remembered when he left.

           Ever curious, the orange furred fox walked over to it, and looked over it surprised. He had not remembered any gift being delivered to the house during the day, and he knew his friends had planned to do their gifting tomorrow. Walking up to the box, he spotted a small tag attached to the present. Looking at it, he read what it said:

"To: Melee
From: P"

           Seeing the name the fox became even more confused. He didn't recall anyone of that name at the party, or anyone who might be sneaky enough to drop something in his house. Shrugging he started to remove the ribbon from the box. It had just passed midnight, and who was he to wait to Christmas morning to open such a surprise gift.
As he finished removing the ribbon from the box however, he found he was in for a surprise as the top of the box suddenly sprung open and with a sudden FSSST sprayed him with a dark brown goo. Letting out a yelp, Melee stumbled back and shook his head, the sticky goo covering the front of his body and face. Closing his eyes with a sigh, Melee brought his hand to his face, and felt something strange. Where he expected to be feeling the light furred tips of his fingers, he felt something flat. Opening his eyes, his expression turned to confusion and shock as where there once were clawed fingers, he now found thick hoofed nails.

           Before he can try to even come to grips with what he's looking at, he whined as an intense burning flowed over his body, causing him to whimper and crumble to the ground. As quickly as the burning started, however, it stopped. Starting to get up, he stopped and looked at himself with even more surprise, as his nice fluffy orange fur had now been replaced with a thick brown woolly coat.

           As Melee started to come to grips with his transformation, his body began to expand in size. Over the time of a couple minutes he watched as he went from being the height of a average manly fox, to being almost a foot taller. As the shifts to his heights finished, something starts to pull at his face. Melee grimaced a little as his mouth and nose pulled forward and reshaped in a way for him to have a rather large moose like snout. The changes on his head didn’t stop, as two velvety antlers formed out of from the top of his forehead. As the changes to his facial features finished, he felt a pinching sensation in his butt as his long tail rapidly shrank to a little nib which he wiggled back and forth. With a final fusing of his feet into thick hooves, and some minor adjustments to fit the look, the changes stop, and Melee found that the present had changed him into a Reindeer.
           Getting up, the now rather tall Caribou, looked back over the spent present, trying to figure out more about what it was for. Picking up the tag, he spied more writing on the back side and reads with a grin.

           "Hey Sexy, I saw you at the party and thought you might be up for a little different. If so, meet me up on the roof once you're done. -Prancer"

           Placing the note down Melee smiled. The Reindeer had offered, and who was he not to accept, and with a hoofed strut, he headed back out the door.

TF Exhange: The Changes of Christmas


This is my Entry for the TransformNation TF Christmas Exchange on FA. As Melee-Brawl(FA) returns home from partying he finds something strange sitting under the tree...

Also a thank you goes to Talcott for helping with proofreading the story.

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